That Glow!

It seems that summer is finally here, thank you LORDT!!! I know, I know we all want that naturally flawless skin. But let’s face it, it is not that easy for some of us(I know for sure it isn’t easy for me) to achieve. But what I know to be true (time to go to school y’all ) you really have to take care of your skin from the inside out.  My latest beauty craze has been very basic! Starting from what I put in my body to what I do on the outside…..


I said take care of the inside for the outside, right? As we all know we should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day.. Well I hate to break it to you, we really should be drinking according to our body weight. Here’s how you figure that out, multiply your body weight by 67% and you’ll get your ounces.

I know that’s a lot of ounces but I have an alternative for those who cannot drink liquid without taste. Two words DETOX WATER! My favorite is lemon, cucumber and mint; you cannot go wrong with that one. Detox water has so many benefits, it helps keeps your tummy flat too!!!!

The green smoothie!!!! When I tell you, this one may be my favorite! From it being my meal replacement, getting my daily dosage of fruits and veggies and what it does to my skin!! What I put in mine you might ask… spinach, kale, green apple, frozen greek yogurt ( 1 ½ scoop), pineapple and ginger root.

Finally, I really saved the most instesting for the last!!!! Drum roll please!!!!!!!!!!! Activated charcoal and Lemon and yes its black. I call it black water, and it is beyond tasty! Charcoal is great for masks but even better when you drink it. I won’t go into the extream details BUT just know its great!


I WOKE UP LIKE THISSSS..WE FLAWLESS! I promise to keep this short lol! Ocean Salt scrub (Lush ) has been my life saver! From the natural ingredients to the oils and salt! Just know it’s a win!


Glam Glow charcoal mask! Great for those stubborn pimples under the skin and great to bring out the impurities! I told you charcoal is the shiz-ni-ee (Scrappy voice).

Bliss triple oxygen mask! I’ve sworn by this for the past 3 years! When I say THAT GLOW, honey I mean THAT GLOW! From the tingling feeling to the stardust it leaves on your smooth face! I truly glow from this, and I’ve heard all the stars use it to give them that fresh face look on the red carpet! Thank me later lol!

MOISTURIZER! The most important! No matter if you have oily skin you still need it! I use Vanishing Cream (Lush) its light and it gives my skin that drink of water ( and I have oily skin). It’s a must so your skin does not over work itself to produce oils and cause more breakouts.



~ LoCat