Skin Drink.

If you read some of my posts from last summer you know I touched on what you put in your body has a lot to do with your skin. Now I'm no dermatologists but I am very anal when it comes to skin care so maybe you can call me a self proclaimed dermatologist. 

I have talked openly about my skin problems, I went from no acne as a teen to adult acne with a side of blemishes. So, I had to learn its not only what you put on the surface of your skin that helps but what you put inside your body is important also. 

Adult acne called for major diet change which included: water ( more of it), vegetables, fruit and a cut out of my favorite foods ( fried foods). Now I'm not saying that I eat like a vegan, I still enjoy my favorites (but not so good for you) foods in moderation. But I have included a more healthier approach for the sake of my skin and body. 


My current skin drink is a ginger, aloe and lemon shot. Believe it or not, its not terrible a little spicy but not terrible! If you are wondering the benefits here they are....Ginger contains 40 antioxidants that helps prevent damage and protects the skin against aging. It it improves elasticity and evens the skin tone. Lemons are rich in vitamin C and citric acid, which helps brighten the skin. Aloe is your healing agent, it contains Auxin and Gibberellins. The two hormones provide wound healing and anti- inflammatory. 

In a nutshell I'm not saying that this will solve all your skin issues and I'm not saying your skin will be crystal clear in 2.5 seconds. But it will help from the inside out.