Legs x Fur

I know I know I have been so quiet on here! But I promise its for a great reason, I've been planning for next year something sooooooo serious, and I cannot wait to share all the things that'll be happening within the next couple of months. But enough talk about that, lets get into how fur is taking over yet again another season. 

Each year I see people getting in to the fur trend for the pre-winter and winter months, and there is no doubt that each season brings a little extra something that captures our attention. Growing up I have always seen the women in my family draped in fur during the winter months, and now that I think about it my mom has at least 7 of them.... I may need to pay her closet a visit again lol... 

Although its freezing here in Chicago theres always room to give some good leg action! Designer Terri Stevens designed a beautiful...wait on it! SHEARLING MINK SKIRT! I gagged at least 5 times when I saw it! From the mink to the buttons, to the split for good leg action. Its absolutely amazing and WARM! Her line FUNKIN BEAUTIFUL is one to keep you eyes on, I really can't wait for her website to launch! 

Terri, thanks for giving me Carrie Bradshaw mixed with Clair Sulmers feels!