Orange Crush

The fact that its only June and we have had beautiful weather that no one should be complaining about ( Chicago is known for an extended winter and spring and we don't warm up until if you're complaining CUT IT OUT! And yes I yelled that lol) Okay back to what I was saying.. I'm really happy about it as you can see..for more than one reason! 

This spring and summer season has been about color and lots of it! I was getting tired of seeing all the nudes, green, black and those boring ( but not so boring) colors when the seasons change. So as soon as I saw this pretty little number from ASOS I just had to have it. 

I personally call this number Orange Crush, its a refreshing burst of color and catches everyones eyes and crisp like a freshly opened can of pop! Bold is in and boring is out, time to treat yourself to some statement pieces; no matter if its a suit, dress, top, or shoes go for it and enjoy. Stand out from the crowd and allow your pieces to create conversation, trust me this refreshing combination did and you might be surprised who might ask you a question or two.