Lo & Jabari + Family Dollar Plan Your Look

With the New Year only a couple of weeks in, it’s always good to celebrate with new stuff! One of my favorite things to do is shop for new beauty products. My skin gets dry and since I colored my hair, that’s dry too! I would always shop for products that have essential oils and all that other goodness for my skin and now I’m searching for my hair!

Now it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t look at all  products, and look at their reviews. What I found most interesting about Suave is, although it’s a product that can be purchased in your local drug stores the quality is awesome. And not to mention its trusted by professionals!

I saw the quiz for Family Dollar just to see the recommendations, with a couple of clicks they gave me just what I was looking for. I know it might sound like I’m supposed to say it, but seriously they narrowed it down so specifically  and I saw exactly what I was looking for!

As a kid my mother would always use Suave to shampoo my hair. My favorite part about their product was the great scent, my all-time favorite was cucumber melon and strawberry. Now I get to share the same traditions with my nephew. The memories from the Sunday shampoos with mom and smell of my hair is brought back because Suave has revamped and stayed true to their original brand.

Most importantly they are so affordable, who doesn’t love good quality with a great price and products the entire family can use! That’s why I am proud to partner with Family Dollar for their Plan Your Look For Less Program!

Be sure to take the FIND THE SUAVE THAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU QUIZ to see what products are recommended for you….and my favorite part is if you spend $6 you save $2 annndddd be sure to sign up for Family Dollar Smart Coupons! I know I did, they save my life when I need something quick! 

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Although all opinions are my own, this post was sponsored by Mirum Shopper. Thank you for supporting brands that help IAMLOCAT happen! #WINTERLOOKFORLESS #FAMILYDOLLAR #SUAVE