Gray Area...

There's this in between stage that we all tend to get into, I simply call it the "gray area" and here's why. Its not an area where you can be sure that everything is going right and nothing is written out in black and white with instructions on how to navigate your way through. It's the area of uncertainties, emotions and  you tend to ask yourself "what in the heck am I doing". See the gray area is one that we all want to avoid but find ourselves in, right? I have found myself in the " gray area" a lot this year with relationships. And no I'm not just talking about the ones between two lovers. 

Gray areas and relationships is almost the worst area to be in. Its uncomfortable, emotional and all the way confusing. You try to really reason with yourself on what you're doing or should you move on.  Sometimes you have to really have to ask yourself " what value does this person bring" or " is it worth it". Some situations you try to figure out are you doing it for the person or yourself. When the truth is, you can't save everyone and someone is always going to get hurt. Which ALWAYS sucks. 

My open letter to those in the gray area.  


Hey you,  

I get it! It's not easy being in a place where your emotions take over your thoughts and you have a million and one questions that you won't get the answer to. Think of it this way you might be better off NOT KNOWING. Sit back and take some deep breaths, allow your feelings to be what they are and pray about it. And I mean really pray! I have had to let go of some of my best relationships for my own sanity and feelings. It's never easy but it'll be OKAY. No matter if it was a friend or lover, whatever they did that put your relationship in the gray area forgive them. Don't forgive them for their sake but do it for you. Once you forgive it makes it that much easier to keep pushing. And don't you dare be the person to go talking bad about them either. Allow everyone to maintain their dignity and to work out their hurt! I know it's easier said then done but trust me it can be done. 

To the person who didn't allow me to maintain my dignity, I forgive and love you dearly.  Many blessings to you.