Every Girl has Her Gang

A couple of weeks ago I hosted one of many dinner parties in my new home. I came up with the title Every Girl has Her Gang on the count of they are my support system. They listen to my crazy stories, inspire me, push me and are some of my biggest cheerleaders. So what better way to show them my appreciation by having dinner under the stars. 

I've learned through my growing process that you have some people that are simply irreplaceable and those who bring true value to your life. Someone once told me " as you get older your circle gets smaller and you'll find all the things you have in common". With learning that all of those things are true I can easily say my gang is gang ( yes I quote rap lyrics) and that I wouldn't trade them for anything. 


Now I as we all know the saying, " What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" that rule applies to my parties LOL! Just know it was a grand time with good food, drinks and people. 

A special thank you to Anthony for some of the best food I've had. I can't wait to have you cook for me again. If you are looking for someone to add some spice to your dinner Anthony is the one to call, you can check him out here.