Faux Is the New Black

It's Saturday night and I'm feeling right! Hey, what's up Locatter's? I'm so happy it's Saturday! For me  Saturdays consist of  either getting dolled up and going out with my girls  or going to events. When I hit the town there's one thing you can be sure I'll have on me, my faux fur!

Faux Fur made it's return back into the scene late last year and I couldn't be more excited.  Not only is faux fur animal friendly but it's cheaper than real fur,go figure.So for all my independent ladies out there that are trying to get a bang for their buck this is the trend  for you! Whether it's a faux fur mini jacket or long coat I'm so here for this trend.

Whether it be for a night out, a lunch meet up with your girls or a business casual look for when you're meeting with a client you can NEVER gone wrong with faux fur. Below are some looks I've paired for you guys! Faux fur is the new black ladies...and don't you forget it!