Sweatshirt Couture

Happy Hump day ladies. I have never had the same love affair with Wednesday as I do with the weekend,to be honest. To me, Wednesdays are a reminder that it's almost the weekend. On Wednesdays I go to work and then come home and plan events for the weekend and what not and I almost always have on  sweatshirt when I do this.

Now, I love a good sweatshirt as most people probably do but I feel like a lot of people don't really know how to style them. Sweatshirts aren't just for lying around the house and going to the gym. If you pair a dope sweatshirt with the right pieces you'll have a bomb outfit. Whether you're going to the club,on a date or even out for drinks with your girls a sweatshirt is more than acceptable for you to wear. I even encourage it!

If you're trying to dress your outfit up remember you can never go wrong with a pair  heels or high heeled-boots. Also the bigger the sweatshirt the edgier your look. Pair an oversized vintage sweatshirt with a pair of thigh highs for your night out with your girls. If you're going for more a date night look pair a crop sweatshirt with  a funky skirt and some heels.

Lastly if you're at home about to put on Netflix and your girl hits you up and ask you to come meet for her for a drink don't fret! Pair a chill sweatshirt with some highwaist jeans, some booties and some hoop earrings and you're good to go.

Remember ladies fashion is subjective. Don't ever let anyone tell you certain pieces can't be dressed up or shouldn't be worn out of the house! I've created some looks for you ladiesto draw some inspiration from below , let me know what you think! -xoxo