Girlfriend Glamour

Happy Friday ladies, I'm about to be on my worst behavior tonight with my girls! I've been so busy for the past few weeks I feel like I haven't had  a genuine girls night in forever. So tonight is long overdue. To me there's nothing like getting together with my girls after a long week and slaying the mean Chicago streets together and when I say slay I mean SLAYYY. 

Whether we are going to an art gallery opening up north, a concert downtown or a house party on the south side my girls and I are always on point. Now listen, we never do the absolute most but we always catch eyes when we are out together and I want you, my loyal Locatter's to feel the same way when you're out with your friends. 

I'm all about looking cute but I'm also all about being comfortable and  feel like a lot of budding fashionistas don't think that's a possible fusion but it is, why else do you think God invented the wedged bootie? The wedged bootie is my absolute best friend when it comes to my Friday night outings with my ladies. Whether it's paired with a skirt, distressed jeans or a dress the wedged bootie is a certified way to be cute and comfortable. So if you don't already have wedged booties go out and get some before tonight!  I have prepared some looks for you guys below on how to properly wear them.