Rip it up

Hey Lo'Catters, Happy New Year!   New year new me right? LOL. The statement we all love to hate. As the new year begins all I can't wait to see all the trends that'll come and those that will stay, especially with Fashion Week coming in February!  

I know the year has just begun but GIRLLL I'm already  super obsessed with this whole distressed look trend. I know distressed jeans and shirts caught  the eye of the edgy street apparel dresser towards the end of 2016 but as 2017 begins I'm hooked on this trend.

If you haven't noticed I'm a girly girl, so  when I first heard about this trend I wasn't sure if it was for me but I'm here to say that us girly girls can rock this look just as well as anyone else. They key is to add a feminine touch to your look. For example, I always try to add a heel or fur when I wear pieces that are a little more relaxed but still have an edgy feel.

Whether it be a distressed sweater, jacket, dress or a pair of parents nothing adds edge like a bunch of wholes in a piece of apparel, that might sound iffy but it's true. I have created two distressed looks for you below!  Check it out!  It's 2017 girls let's mix it up a little and add some edge to our everyday looks.