Keep it covered

As winter really begins to make its presence known there's one thing I NEVER  leave my house without, a hat! I know it may sound somewhat childish but I don't play round when it comes to this fierce Chicago weather.  

I  know when the word hat comes to mind you probably have a flashback of your mom yelling at you to put a hat you hated before you went outside to play, I know I do lol. However, I'm here to tell you there are so many different fashionable  and warm hats to wear this winter season. 

The Skull Cap

My favorite type of hat is one that hugs my head tight. Yes, I'm talking about a skully hat boo. Whether t be one with those cute little pom-poms on top or just a regal degular black skull these hats are guaranteed to keep you head warm during these harsh months.

The Fur

Do you see this fur?! LOL. Anyone who knows me knows I'd do almost anything for a haute fur. Which is exactly why I'm so in to the fur hat this winter. Fur=Warm. Warm=Happy Chicagoan. Need I say more?

Alternative Option

 Of course, there's always those select few who just can't make themselves  were hats and to them I say how about a head-wrap or earmuffs?  Warm but still stylish these two head pieces are the perfect option for those who just aren't in to hats.