Baby It's Cold Outside

Y'all.... Chicago weather is no joke,t's COLD outside.... I  mean like freezing. I stepped out today and wanted to run right back into my bed. I've lived in Chicago my entire life yet I'm always so shook when it gets this cold outside. When the weather gets like this a lot of people think fashion goes out the window.  For some reason,there's this idea that in order to be warm you have to wear unflattering apparel and I'm here to tell you that's a huge misconception. 

Even though it's cold outside it's still possible to look flawless out in these fiercely cold Chicago streets. For starters, you need a bomb coat. The coat is the main piece in staying warm. Also, winter boots are very crucial. You can always throw in a scarf, gloves and a hat but today I'm going to focus on coats and boots. When it comes to coats,in this weather, the longer the better. And let me say this just because a coat is long doesn't mean it's ugly. Get a super fresh long coat. Fur coats and puffer coats are always great.

Now when it comes to boots BE SMART. I highly suggest that you ladies stick to flat-heeled boots, just to be safe. It's already risky enough walking around in flat shoes with this ice. So, stick to a flat-heeled boot that's somewhat tall or tall enough to at least cover your ankles. There's always Uggs but if you want to switch it up try a pair of all black timberland boots.  I have prepared some looks for you guys below. Stay warm. xoxo