LoYonce....A Guide to Gown Shopping

Lo all on the mouth like liquor.... lol! Ok let's get down to business! 

This past weekend I attended the Black Creativity Gala in Chicago. Finding a dress for this gala by luck was EASY! But, I know it isn't always that way so I'm giving my tips on easy gown shopping and making sure it fits to a T. 

Avoid going last minute

Even though I know that isn't always the case but if you can avoid it do so! It's nothing like being able to take your time when finding the perfect gown. Annndddd you never know if you have to get it altered. 

Look for inspiration 

Check your favorite women to watch. For me I always look at women with a similar skin tone and sometimes darker. Also, I look at women with similar body shapes. It really helps with trying to find what can work for you vs what can't...especially if its crunch time! 


LISTEN LINDA do not avoid the sale section! Simple! That is always the section with hidden gems with the best price. Who can avoid a dress for $360 originally priced at $1,400? 

Sis, keep a tailor in your back pocket

At the end of the day, we all need someone to alter a dress. Your best bet if your dress doesn't fit just right someone can fix it. Trust me! I took a dress from a size 8 to a 00 because I had to have it. You do not want to be caught on any camera with a dress that does not fit right. After all you might find your husband while you're out! 

Stretch and Breathable Fabric...Is your BFF

I have had my fair share of gowns I can't breathe in. But, I have a new found love for scuba fabric( at least that's what they call it)!  It stretches and...... I can move and yes that means breathing.