Sneaker SZN!!

Happy Wednesday Lo'Catters! Today I want to talk about shoes...sneakers to be exact. Now... anyone who knows me knows about my long and sometimes draining love affair with shoes. I am a shoe addict through and through. Heels are usually my go to shoe. However, I always have, and always will, have a special affinity for sneakers. Sneakers are great because you can wear them with almost anything and I think this is often times forgotten! I don't think a lot of people know how much sass and spunk a sneaker can add to a look. BUT I'm here to help with that!

Today I have prepared three different sneakers looks for you all. I think it's important to have a versatile sense of style... so try one, or all, of these looks out ladies! Happy Wednesday loves...enjoy!


Look 1:

Grey Long Sleeve Hooded Dress

Shaggy Grey Fur

Blue Wool Cap

Fila Sneaker

Look 2 :

Red Marjan Faux Fur

Graphic White Tee

Silver Mini Skirt

Old Skool Vans Platform Sneaker

Black Heart-Shaped Earring

Look 3:

White Tee

Yellow Trousers

Denim Trench Coat

Nike Air Force Ones

Daisy Studs